Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy performed by specially trained and highly qualified physiotherapists.This therapy takes a unique approach that includes a thorough examination, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of factors that contribute to pain and mobility issues.

The name "manual therapy" suggests that it is a treatment that is done with one's hands. Back problems, for example, can be precisely identified, and individual joints of the spine can be mobilized and treated specifically. This type of therapy is also very effective in the treatment of other joints. Hip, knee, and shoulder issues can all be successfully treated to reduce pain and improve function.

Manual therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of:

- issues with the spine and discs
- cervical spine and neck region spinal problems
- inflammatory joint pain and stiffness, such as hip, knee, or back pain
- headaches, facial pain, and jaw pain 
- nerve irritations that cause numbness or tingling in the fingers and along the sciatic nerve
- knee pain caused by ligament or meniscus problems, for example
- elbow problems such as tennis or golf elbow
- wrist and forearm problems such as bone fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and sprains or strains
- foot and joint issues, including ligament and tendon damage

Manual therapy is also beneficial following surgery or sports injuries. The manual therapist can analyze the functional movements of the locomotor system and advise on appropriate measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of deformity or injury in situational training and certain sports.

Medical massage

Medical massage is a type of physical therapy that manipulates body tissue through a series of movements on the body. It is done with the hands to have a direct or indirect effect on the muscular and nervous systems, as well as blood and lymph circulation. It has a calming effect and is frequently used to improve mood, self-confidence, and reduce anxiety. It relieves tension and, as a result, pain. The results are felt after one therapy, but larger problems will require more treatment, and even when the back pain problems are solved, it is very wise to go for a professional massage on a regular basis to maintain the body and body health.

However, it is very important who performs the medical massage, as well as the area where the massage is performed. The massage must be performed by a professional, because if it is performed by a non-professional, the problem can increase.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a popular method of treating soft tissues following injuries, as well as a strategy for preventing injuries and relaxing muscles after strenuous workouts.Sports massage is recommended for everyone who does sports, from recreational athletes to professional athletes who get massages several times a week.

Sports massage is defined as the application of specific massage techniques, hydrotherapy protocols, and a variety of movement and flexibility protocols.

Sports massage is extremely important in the training process of both athletes and recreational athletes. Massage, in fact, has numerous mental, physical, and physiological benefits. It improves the body overall, prevents injuries and decreased mobility, increases tissue elasticity, and improves performance and lengthens the duration of a sports career.


Kinesitherapy is a type of movement therapy that we use to strengthen muscles and restore impaired movement function.

Kinesitherapy, which includes both active and passive exercises, is a treatment and rehabilitation method that uses specially conditioned and programmed movements in the treatment and rehabilitation of certain diseases, injuries, and deformities.We apply this therapy alone or in combination with other methods of physical medicine and rehabilitation.It is used to treat a variety of pathological conditions, as well asa method of injury prevention. 

Kinesitherapy is used for:

  • muscle strengthening
  • recovery of impaired movement function
  • injury prevention.


Manual medicine techniques are widely used around the world, and there is a growing trend toward specific methods that, in addition to targeted mobilization and manipulation of individual blocked segments, seek to intervene in soft tissues using stretching techniques and exercises.Muscle relaxation techniques, such as manual massage and lymphatic drainage or hydrotherapy, are used prior to the manipulation techniques themselves.It is often combined with other therapeutic procedures that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy) or this effect is achieved by blocking neuromuscular structures with local application of anesthetics and / or corticosteroids.In comparison to traditional chiropractic manipulations, this approach has resulted in an increase in the effectiveness and duration of the positive therapeutic effect. The therapeutic methods we use are:

  • Classical methods of mobilization and manipulation
  • Mulligan's mobilization and stretching techniques
  • CIRIYAX methods (blockades, massage and stretching mobilization)
  • Taping techniques