Post-Operative Rehabilitation

We use a variety of devices, kinesitherapy, lymphatic drainage, and massage to treat postoperative therapy. Our team of physiotherapists and doctors adjusts the dates to your needs in order to allow patients to return to normal life activities as soon as possible.

Through postoperative therapy, we work on recovery from surgery, the scar itself, as well as general recovery, weakness, and preservation of movement and mobility.

Following hospital discharge, it is critical to regularly monitor progress and introduce timely progression of muscle strengthening and increase range of motion to ensure full recovery of strength, flexibility and function.Rehabilitation under the supervision of a physiotherapist who specializes in postoperative rehabilitation is the quickest and safest way to return to your daily activities.

In addition to physical and occupational therapy, the patient is trained to be completely independent after leaving the hospital and to overcome the most difficult obstacles, such as climbing stairs, without the assistance of other people or orthopedic aids.