Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is carried out in the acute / initial phase, it affects the reduction of swelling, inflammation and pain.This therapy promotes tissue regeneration, which includes using equipment and moving on to the next phase, which includes massages and movement, both assisted and active exercises to preserve and improve muscles and movement.

The goal of sports rehabilitation is to treat injuries in a timely, targeted, and individualized manner.The rehabilitation process begins immediately following the injury or surgery and is divided into phases.The most important thing to start with is to create good mental stability and motivation in athletes. Coming to rehabilitation on a daily basis entails training in an environment that every athlete is familiar with.

It is essential to maintain not only the muscular strength of the operated segment, but also the physical stability and strength of the entire body. Stability, proprioception preservation, and biomechanical error correction are just a few of the requirements.

Sports rehabilitation at Master Physical unites athletes and physiotherapists.

The team's combined efforts and positive attitude result in top results in the shortest amount of time.

Mr. BojanPavlović on sports rehabilitation: Gostovanje na RTRS/ sportska rehabilitacija.(watch video)